Reset Your Hair Care Regimen With Design Essentials

16th Jul 2020

Reset Your Hair Care Regimen With Design Essentials

Wow, what a year 2020 has been. Pandemic, racial injustices, civil unrest, the list goes on and on.

With all of this going, we wouldn't blame you if your hair care routine has taken a back seat. However, as Britain reopens, you need to reset your hair care regimen and prepare for the summer.

Fear not, we’re here to get your hair back on track! Push those lockdown memories of brittle strands and dry scalp to the back of your mind, as we take you through five little tips to rejuvenate your hair with a selection of Design Essentials products.

If tips and tricks for luscious locks and healthy hair sound appealing, please read on. 

Trim Away Ends for Healthy Hair Growth - Then Use Design Essentials Agave & Lavender Silk Press Hair Bath

Because of the lockdown, all salons and mobile hairstylists have been shut for the best part of four months. Even as lockdown eases, you may have a hard time getting an appointment as demand has been high.

Although it's tempting to skip the queues, we suggest that you give your hair a trim. Hair care experts suggest that you trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. This encourages healthy hair growth and prevents knots and snags occurring.

For these reasons, we recommend booking a trim to reduce or reverse any damage caused during the lockdown. Just remember that your stylist will be swamped, so you may have to wait.

If you’re self-isolating or can’t get to the salon, you could attempt a trim at home. This should only be done in an emergency though.

The easiest way to trim is to make sure your hair is relatively straight before you start. This way, you can view your ends more accurately.

If you need to blow-dry your hair after the trim, we recommend this Blowdry & Styling Primer from Design Essentials. It provides crucial heat protection for the hair while it’s most vulnerable. 

Hydrate Your Hair For Strength

In some ways, being stuck at home has been okay. Working from home certainly cuts down the commute time, doesn’t it!

One side-effect however, is that you can become less strict without hair care regimen. If you check social media, you’ll see that thousands of women are complaining that their hair lacks moisture and hydration.

As summer beckons, now is the right time to boost your strands. To do this, deep conditioning treatments are perfect for infusing the hair with nutrients and strengthening weakened strands.

Personally, we recommend the Design Essentials Deep Moisture Masque. This fantastic product enhances elasticity leading to smoothed strands, stronger hair and increased hair hydration.

Much of the Coconut & Monoi range is currently discounted on our website, so grab a bargain whilst you can.

Go Lighter Using Daily Moisturising Products

Slowly, but surely, the days are getting warmer as we head towards August. Not only can you get those sun hats out of hibernation, but you can pack away the heavier butters and creams you’ve been using until now.

You can substitute the creams with lighter moisturising products that won’t weight your hair down. Daily leave-ins, hair milks and serums are perfect for this job.

These lighter products will guarantee that your hair remains nourished and emits a natural shine in the process.

The Bamboo & Silk HCO Leave-in Conditioner from Design Essentials uses nourishing botanicals such as bamboo extract to enrich your hair and scalp throughout the day.

Use the Design Essentials Skin & Scalp Care Collection for Summer Hair Protection

During the summer, protective styling is the name of the game. This allows us to go off on our holidays looking on fleek.

Even if you don’t go abroad this year, protective styling can provide a break from everyday styling. Let’s face it, that’s no bad thing at times. It also has the benefit of resting your follicles.

Taking a break from the daily strain your hair is placed under by an everyday style regime is vital. And it remains key regardless of whether you are twisting natural hair, or working with extensions.

Design Essentials has an entire Skin & Scalp Care Collection, for this very purpose. The Vitamin Drops have been specially formulated to keep the scalp col and refreshed. Using herbal extracts, it works wonderfully as a scalp soother for extensions and braids.

Reset Your Hair Care Regime to Take Back Control of Your Hair 

On the face of it, having to reset your hair care regime can seem like a daunting task. All of the habits you’ve adopted during the lockdown can be hard to shake.

But believe us, with a little bit of work your hair and scalp with be better than ever.

Follow our advice, and you should be dazzling your friends and Instagram followers in no time.

Do remember, if you wish to make a purchase on our website, use the code WELCOME5 to receive a 5% discount at checkout.