Afara Silk Spray

Afara Cupuaçu Butter Silk Spray

Afara Cupuaçu Butter Silk Spray

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Size: 250ml

Protecting your hair from the damaging effects of thermal styling is crucial and our NEW Silk Spray provides the perfect barrier by sealing the cuticles before you apply heat, and in turn, minimising damage.

With moisturising Cupuaçu Butter as a key ingredient, Silk Spray offers a sheer, lightweight formula that penetrates the hair shaft to allow you to heat style effectively and achieve a silky smooth finish. 

How To Use

The new kid on the block. Packed with cupuacu butter, from the Amazon Rainforest - more nourishing and hydrating than cocoa and shea butter. Give it a try, your hair will thank you later.

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