Afara haircare wax stick

Afara Cupuaçu Butter Wax Stick

Afara Cupuaçu Butter Wax Stick

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Size: 75g

Our Wax Stick is designed to provide a robust hold to your textured hairstyles like ponytails, updos and protective styles, without any of the stiffness associated with conventional holding products.

It's made with the softening properties of castor seed oil, seed butter, Cupuaçu Butter, and candelilla oil to protect your hair while allowing your style to stay in place.

Packaged in a convenient wax stick that’s wrapped in environmentally friendly paper, you can apply Wax Stick directly to the hair for instant results.  

How To Use

The new kid on the block. Packed with cupuacu butter, from the Amazon Rainforest - more nourishing and hydrating than cocoa and shea butter. Give it a try, your hair will thank you later.

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