Design Essential African Chebe Braid & Twist-Out Strengthening Crème Bundle
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Design Essential African Chebe Braid & Twist-Out Strengthening Crème Bundle

Design Essential African Chebe Braid & Twist-Out Strengthening Crème Bundle

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Braid your way to greater length with the African Chebe Braid & Twist-Out Strengthening Crème Bundle.

Finally! A collection specifically designed for the coily (and curly) girls! Nourish your way to longer and stronger hair with the African Chebe Growth Collection.

We have partnered with the Basara Tribe in Chad, Africa to bring you the African Chebe Growth Collection. Infused with Chebe Powder (pronounced she' be'), the powerful secret ingredient that has helped the women of Chad to grow waist length hair for centuries, this collection will moisturize & strengthen your coils- leading to improved length retention! 

This Bundle Includes:

How to Use

Step 1 (Treat): Part hair into 4 sections. Generously apply masque to damp hair. Cover with or without heat and leave in for 20 minutes, or longer if desired.

Step 2 (Cleanse): Apply shampoo and bring to a lather. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary to remove granules from the masque.

Step 3 (Condition): Apply leave-in conditioner generously to damp hair and distribute evenly. Gently detangle by separating strands to remove knots and tangles.

Step 4 (Style): Apply styling crème to clean, damp hair and comb through from ends to roots. Using sections, braid, twist, or finger style as desired. Allow hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser.

Our Collection, Our Way: Proceeds from the sales of the African Chebe Growth Collection will be donated directly back to underserved communities in Chad, Africa.

How To Use

Unleash your hair's potential with premium products enriched with ingredients like chebe oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and almond extracts. Experience moisture, definition, and vitality tailored to your unique texture and style. Transform your locks with Design Essentials, where beauty meets expertise.


The Basara tribe in Chad have used this organic mix for centuries to benefit from strong healthy hair. Now you can too!

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